Mirrorcity Southbank Centre Exhibition

P1000454 P1000424

On Monday, I travelled to the Southbank Centre by Waterloo Station to go and see the Mirrorcity art exhibition. Geographically it was a perfect location for me.

The Gallery was very spacious allowing people comfortable viewing with 2 floors and some exhibits outdoors; the time of day was suitable for browsing, there was never a moment where multiple people were crowding around 1 exhibit.

A stair lift was on site to provide assistance for disabled people. The walls were a white/grey colour with black text, easy for people to read and helps those with colour blindness.

Anne Hardy’s works caught my eye, one in particular was Building. The grey and metallic looking background reminded me of a futuristic environment, while no human is portrayed to give a sense of isolation and creepiness. The TV linkup is similar to the style of Big Brother, a sense that somebody is watching you.

Another was Suite, the background is similar to a seabed several metres under the ocean. Microphones are set up to possibly capture marine animal sounds; human life has rarely ventured to such depths without the help of technology, as well as to this day scientists are still discovering new species.

I would recommend the exhibition to those who like mysterious and wonderful art; you learn a lot of background information about the artists and the origins of their works.


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