Tony Oursler London Exhibition

On Wednesday 18 February, our Digital Arts group travelled to Edgware Road in London via the Tube from Wimbledon. The curator explained the meaning behind Oursler’s work, these were based in 2 galleries just walking distance from each other which we both visited.
Oursler Gallery  Oursler Gallery 2
Above are two examples of artefacts at the Gallery. The little crosses on the face detail the nose and chin gives off a pattern (a guide of how mark the features out when drawing). Each head had projected images for the eye and/or mouth that were both different, showing off a display of uniqueness and mystery. The heads were all placed differently to give some meaning, as if they are having a conversation with each other.

I found that the exhibition was good for space to manoeuvre in, the time of day makes a difference to the atmosphere and setting, as our visit was during the afternoon the sun was shining through the roof to give artificial light.


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