Tutorials on Processing (1-3)

The research for the Multimedia Scripting and Authoring module involves us looking at 6 different tutorials on Processing.

Number 1


The post above shows a venn diagram displaying what colours are shown when the RGB palettes are combined. It also includes coding for a colour. For example fill (0, 255, 0) will create a green colour.

Number 2


This tutorial goes through how to create a shape. For a rectangle, you have to type out 4 numbers which indicate the x, y axis along with w (width) and h (height). e.g. rect(100,100,200,200)

Number 3


The link takes you to a tutorial on For Loops, this is what it looks like when coded as shown on the video:

for(int i = 0; i < 20; i++ );

int stands for Integer, Integers are numbers with no decimals. If you type out a decimal number it will not work, this is known as a float.


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