Experimental 3D Essay Evaluation

Our Experimental 3D group (me, Ryan, Saad and Karl) were given a task to write a combined essay about a question, this question was ‘at what point does a piece of art become an interactive experience?’. Together as a group, we decided to break down what required and what topics to tackle as this would make things easier for the finished piece. The 4 subjects we chose to cover were:

  1. Photography
  2. Film
  3. Video Games
  4. Art

I was assigned to research some information about video games and how it is relates to the essay question, before writing any work I borrowed some college books. The Art of Game Characters and Teaching Video Games would be useful to my studies as they had stuff related to what I was researching. The Internet was another place where I found research, Google Scholar had hundreds of articles that covered lots of topics.

Each subject had its own sub topic for us to elaborate on. This was physical, emotional and creational.

Overall, I felt the essay was challenging and time consuming but handy to our studies. There were multiple times where I had to chop and change my work through grammatical errors or change of topic, I thought that our group communicated effectively, each member knew their roles and how to go about it, our weekly meetings were organised and well planned with the timings written down as evidence, the meetings were arranged through Social Media and Text Messaging and face to face communication.


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