Lesson 10 November 26 2015

Today we discussed about Computer Game Story Development. Storytelling is a form of communication that has spanned centuries, from the likes of cave drawings up to modern day computers. We also talked about myths, these are stories that have been passed down from generations (for example the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland has been discussed for years without any concrete evidence).

We also found out about Equilibrium and the Three Act Structure, the structure of the latter is as follows:

  1. Exposition (how the story begins)
  2. Conflict (what happens during)
  3. Resolution (how issues are taken care of)

For example, Metal Gear Solid 3 starts off with the main character being drafted in to fight the USSR, the conflict is that the bad guys must be stopped. It concludes with the leader being defeated and things being resolved. The lesson was interesting and will help with our game design.


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