Lesson 11 December 3 2015

We learnt about characters and how they each have their own personality traits, this doesn’t just apply to video games but to any form of media such as TV dramas.

During the lesson we had to think of 2 characters and how their characteristics contrast from one another. I used some from the video game we are creating:

Gary Sprite

Gary the Geeky Golfer has a lonely personality as a consequence of alienating everybody he knows due to his short temper. He is very knowledgeable about golf. Gary dislikes anybody who tries to ruin his favourite hobby.

Greg Sprite

Greg ‘the Cap Wearing fiend’ is the protagonist’s nemesis who is crafty, cocky and very resourceful, Greg tries to ruin Gary’s life after they were once childhood friends, he detests any social activity and never misses an opportunity to insult.




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