Digital Narrative February 8 2016

We were introduced to the new module, Digital Narrative, part of Semester 2 with our new tutor Duncan. Our other topics are 3D Character Animation and Virtual Space.

In the lesson he introduced us to the module outline and assignments that we are expected to complete before each individual deadline. Assignment 1 involves us presenting a concept idea for a digital narrative piece, which has to include a 500 word script. Assignment 2 is broken up into 3 different parts, a Concept Proposal, Essay and creation of a short narrative piece. As I am relatively new to the subject, it will be a challenge and hopefully gain some new knowledge.

We also watched 2 short narrative pieces. These were Frank Ternier 8 Bullets and Next Floor. 8 Bullets dealt with a revenge theme after a father discovers his family are harmed by a criminal, there were obvious clues to how effective it was with the use of colour expressing emotions and a narration to keep viewers up to speed with events. Next Floor was about some people around a dinner table eating some luxurious meals, the plot involved falling through successive floors in a warehouse, some of the techniques used are known as ‘Invisible’. I thought the films were interesting, one was an animation while the other was similar to a film.



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