3D Character February 9 2016

As there was no tutor to take the lesson, I headed into college to start some work on the module. The 3D Character Animation module is split up into 4 different assignments, each with their own deadlines. I am pretty confident that with some efficient time management, all the work will be complete on time.

Assignment 1 involves us animating a character from a given template, the best way I think to make this work is with Inverted Kinematics and Keyframing which I have worked on before during the Modelling and Animation Assignment in Year 1.

Assignment 2 is to create a scenery based on a 80’s/90’s horror subject, I drew out some rough sketches of what I would ideally like to create.

Assignment 3 is making a secondary character, this time of your own choosing. It will have similar traits to Assignment 1.

Assignment 4 requires both characters and the environment to be rendered.


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