Digital Narrative February 29 2016

Today we learnt about some ‘Cinematic Codes’ these are listed as combinations of visual signs and audio signs that you will spot throughout movies mostly. We learnt that if you spend too much time analysing a movie in-depth, others will lose the immersion and escapism they feel when watching. Each category is structured by three specific parts, these are listed below:

Visual Signs
-The Long Shot (Used to establish the location or setting)
-The Mid Shot (Used to establish relationships between characters)
-The Close Up (Used to establish emotions, motivations and reactions)

Audio Signs
-Dialogue (Used to explain characters motivations/reactions)
-Sound Effects (Used to reinforce a sense of particular place/setting)
-Music (Used to reinforce mood or atmosphere)

We watched the first 5 minutes of the film, There will be Blood. Things to look out for included the above ideas and how they had an impact. I have come across the terminology from previous courses, but it is good to gain knowledge for further assignments.


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