Sandoz, Devin (2003) Simulation, Simulacrum

Reading through this essay made some interesting reading. Sandoz references Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) a lot throughout. Poole (2007) describes that Baudrillard was a French philosopher who “attracted widespread notoriety for predicting that the first Gulf war, of 1991, would not take place.” (

A Representation can be one’s interpretation of an existing object, for example a drawing of Big Ben is based on a real life structure but the person who drew it will have created something entirely different.

Sandoz (2003) defines the term Simulation as ‘the action or practice of simulating, with an intent to deceive’. A flight simulator is a common example of something that can fool people, those who take part get a virtual experience of what it is like to fly a plane.


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