Double Project 30 Sept 2016

I further explored my idea by researching content relevant to the topic. This was done in the form of 4 questions. By answering below will help me gain a better understanding of what is required for my project.

Extensive and relevant reading: Videogames Second Edition James Newman

Persuasive Games The expressive power of video games- Ian Bogost.

Major issues in the field: When designing character sprites, I must be aware of copyright issues and for example avoid taking a Megaman sprite and pass it off as my own. To get around this, creating an original character design is a better alternative.

Insight and Independence of thought: Newman (2013) mentions ‘3D Graphics were king and 2D games like Yoshi’s Island appeared, to some at least, to be out of date’ Although 3D graphics are great to look at, it’s also about how the gameplay functions not how visually stunning a game is.

Engage issues raised by the Project and demonstrate sophisticated reasoning: Putting the game onto game sharing websites such as Play Store, Steam etc. Unreal Engine forums give instructions on how to convert the game as a package.


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