Design for Simulation 18 Oct 2016

We learnt about Simulation: Simulcra, something we had touched upon in a different lecture but this time focused primarily on Baudrillard and the Matrix.

Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007), French sociologist and philosopher.

Baudrillard came up with 3 different scenarios that could be interpreted as a simulation, intended to look real to the public, but is always a mock up.

The first instance is a Bank Robbery, which Baudrillard ‘suggests is more dangerous than the real thing.’ For example, pretending to be holding a gun triggers a reaction to everybody inside as they expect what is going to happen. The police will treat a ‘simulation’ as if it were a real crime.

The second is the Lascaux II which is an entirely built simulation of the real life Lascaux caves in Southern France where cave paintings are said to exist. The original is off limits to all except archaeologists, people who view it will assume it is the real deal.

The third is Disneyland located in California, Baudrillard claims ‘is a totally simulated world that attempts to saturate us in Americanness’.


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