Creating a Start Menu (24 Nov 2016)

Tutorial of creating a Main Menu by Youtube user Sam Jones (2015).

During the construction of my 2D side scroller, there were some important visuals that had not been put into the game. First off I followed the instructions in the video above which was useful as it gave me a basic understanding off creating a menu system.

First of all I had to right click on the Content Browser and did the following:


I used the grey bar on the side to scroll down to ‘User Interface’ and found the ‘Widget Blueprint’ clicking on that to create a new Blueprint. Renaming this StartMenu for convenience, in my opinion it is easier to have the text together for referencing purposes.


Here is a basic title menu, by having a button and text imported into the scene allows the user to click on either ‘Start Game’ or ‘Quit Game’ at the moment, clicking would do nothing, a command needs to be added in order to things to work.


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