Assignment 3 for our Double Project module is to create a Kickstarter video (2-5 minutes in length) for our project. Below is a rough script constructed by myself with prompts in brackets, having a script will be a huge benefit in the long run.

Kickstarter Script: Gary the Geeky Golfer

(On Camera)
“Hello my name is Steven Hall and I’m here to talk to you about my project, Gary the Geeky Golfer.”

(Start Screen and Gameplay)
“Gary the Geeky Golfer is a 2D side scroller video game with elements of platform jumping. 
The game is heavily influenced by retro titles of the same genre, such as the Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Sega Megadrive and Super Mario Bros games for the Nintendo Entertainment System”.

(Gary Facts)
“Gary is the game’s protagonist, he has been a golf fanatic since he was a boy, however his volatile attitude has alienated those who know him, he can be described as a lonely man”.
(On Camera)
“The plot is that Gary’s nemesis Greg ‘the cap wearing fiend’ has threatened to destroy Gary’s favourite golf course unless he faces him in a duel”.

(Greg Facts)
“Greg is the game’s antagonist, once childhood friends with Gary. He hates golf with a passion and deliberately sets out to cause trouble.” “But watch out, Greg is a crafty individual and has some tricks up his sleeve.”

(Level 1)
“The main objective of the game is to get Gary from left to right throughout each level while navigating obstacles. Each level is based on a golf course hole and is graded under either par 3, 4 or 5.

This dictates the size of the level and difficulty.

(Items and AI)
There are items scattered throughout such as:

Golf balls, there will be a designated amount in each level.
Health packages, to restore any health lost.

“Along the way you will encounter a succession of enemies such as ‘the Flappia’ which consist of 3 mafia pigeons, Percy Penguin and Al Alligator. Each enemy has their own set movement pattern and are all out to stop Gary in his tracks.”
(Character drawings)
“All of the character designs have been created in Adobe Photoshop in the style of pixel art.”
“Gary’s walk cycle consists of multiple different drawings and done with a flip book to replicate character movement.”

(Gary other sprites)
“The player can move Gary can move in 2 directions, make him jump which is a fundamental part of navigating platforms, crouch from airborne enemies and swing his club as a weapon”.
“There will be 18 levels through the game to correspond to a real life round of golf.”


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