Special Effects 24 February 2017

Today Thea and I were working on our SFX assignment 1, we discussed about potential shots that could be used for filming. These included:

‘Establishing Shot’
Sets the scene, typically an aerial view of a town/city and commonly found in the introduction to a show.

Example:  The Shining

‘Over the Shoulder Shot’
Commonly seen when 2 characters interact, a shot is filmed over one’s shoulder hence the name.

Example: Coronation Street and EastEnders

‘Mid Shot’
The camera focuses on the character, from the torso upwards.

Example: Pulp Fiction

‘Extreme Close up’
Used for dramatic effect such as a reaction, only the face is shown.

Example: The Lion King

‘Point of View’
The camera is positioned as if the world is viewed from the character’s perspective.

Example: The Terminator


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