Simple Animation

Simple Animation 1Simple Animation

In Cinema 4D, you can make animate any shape of your choice. For example this cube follows a path shown as a blueish line, the shape must be an object otherwise you cannot set the co-ordinates needed for an animation. Here I just did a simple slide for the cube that has to be activated in the timeline by the play button.




This task required a bottle label to be wrapped around a self made bottle drawn using a spline than a lathe tool to get the bottle shape. You have to find an image of a label, e.g. coca cola as I used, to import into Cinema 4D via the Material Editor. Next you have to sort out the UVW mapping, changing around the offset to one of your liking.

Art Piece


In Cinema 4D, one of our 3D Modelling competencies was to create our own take on an existing art piece. Mine was based on Vincent Van Gogh’s painting The Night Cafe, the picture was taken from Google Images.

Art Piece

This is my take on The Night Cafe, in mine I decided not to model human beings because of time constraints and difficulty. The shapes were mostly done with shape models found in the Cinema 4D user interface, colours taken from the material editor.

I did find this task challenging but good to learn about what is required.

Cinema 4D Shark

Shark 4 Panels

I had a go at modelling a shark in Cinema 4D, following a video tutorial on for guidance.

To get the picture in, you have to go to options>configure>then image and bring in the one of your choice.

This was the end result of what I did. I used a cylinder to form the basis of the shark, manipulating the shape to try and match the shape of the image onscreen, along the way I seemed to slip up somewhere. With Practice I am positive that I will create a better looking model!