Feedback Form

Feedback Sketch 001

Here I sketched out how I imagined the feedback form would look. This would combine textboxes and radio buttons to give some variety for anybody who wishes to fill this out.


This is how the form looks fleshed out. Overall I am pleased with the presentation and layout of this. If I could there would be a lot more questions as I feel there is a limited number of options available.

The feedback form is located at:






The client sent me some photos via Google Drive to put on the website. So I first designed a rough layout of how the photos would look, by clicking on each one as a thumbnail would enlarge the image to its full size.

Oakey Photos

Oakey Photos 2

Photo Gallery of Thumbnails.

Oakey Photo Enlarged

Clicking on the thumbnails bring up the proper photo size.

The Photos can be located at: and




As part of the client work to tidy up the current Oakey Enterprises website, here is the original sitemap. The client remarked that it could look a lot neater. The content is too close together and the white outline doesn’t look appealing.

Below is how the sitemap looked after some modifications:


The client preferred this design over the original. The structure of the hierarchy is not too close and the boxes are an adequate size and the text is clear and able to read.

The Sitemap is located at: