My 1-2 minute Animation for the Computer Graphics and Animation module for Assignment 3 can be viewed in the embedded video above.


Computer Graphics/Animation 11 Nov 2016

Today I begun to work on Assignments 2 and 3, these being a 2000-3000 word essay and 1-2 minute animation respectively.

Instead of After Effects which is where the animatic took place, my approach to the animation is to create this in Adobe Animate, the use of timing and keyframes will be crucial to the outcome of my project.


Above is my version of a pigeon, the drawing above will feature in my animation. To achieve is, I took an image of the bird and traced over each part of the body with the pen tool, drawing a particular shape and adding colour to it.

Computer Graphics/Animation 4 Nov 2016

Today was the deadline for Assignment 1 of the module, everybody showed their animatics to the class. Overall the end result was pleasing and am content with how things went.

The animatic was uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed in the video above.

The next tasks include a 2000-3000 word essay and a 1-2 minute animation, which requires tracing over our drawings to make them better visually and a lot more detail. Both are due in around the beginning of January, when our Christmas holidays are finished.

Computer Graphics/Animation 21 Oct 2016

Today I mostly did Adobe After Effects where my animatic will take place, having used the software for other projects. I feel confident that my work will achieve what’s required.


Above is a screenshot of my timeline as it stands, this is due to change after some more experimenting and seeing which scenes flow well. The coloured bars indicate the duration of each piece measured in seconds.

Computer Graphics/Animation 14 Oct 2016

After drawing thumbnails of my animatic, I decided it was time to draw up my ideas on pieces of paper with storyboards. After printing some off, it was time to sketch. Although drawing may be easy to some, I find it can be time consuming as you have to try and draw a succession of panels to a better standard than some rough drawings.


After Effects is most likely to be used as I can scan in my drawings and paste them onto a timeline where my story will take place. Having used the software before, I am confident in creating an animatic to the best of my ability.

Computer Graphics/Animation 7 October 2016

Today I continued with thumbnail drawings for my animatic, there are 2 versions that were created each with minor differences:


The first sheet of drawings is a rough storyboard of my animatic. A pigeon knocks the ball off the rugby cone just as the player is about to prepare a kick.


The second sheet has a few additions from the original such as the inclusion of a title, scoreboard and more of an emphasis on time as the task topic is ‘Out of Time’.

Although this is a start, I feel that the drawings could be better detailed with more indications to that it is set at a rugby ground. I have to be weary that it must be a 1-2 minute animatic, so I must not get carried away.