Digital Narrative Filming

I have been filming my Digital Narrative piece and uploading the content to Adobe Premiere Pro for editing purposes.

27 April 2016: I began filming, this took place in a home environment. The main character is sitting at a computer typing, eventually getting stressed out and reflecting on life.

30 April 2016: At Teddington Lock, I filmed some footage. This was of some Egyptian Geese and their chick to form some of the bird videos required.

1 May 2016: A trip to Bushy Park was next on the agenda. Managing to film in the Water Gardens as it is a very peaceful environment.

Digital Narrative April 18 2016

We watched everybody’s digital narrative presentations, it was interesting hearing what people had analysed, with a majority of the class doing film.

My presentation was about The Shining, overall I feel content with how the presentation went even though there are nerves everytime I speak in front of people!

The presentation as a PDF file is located below:

StevenHall_KC42245_The Shining Digital Narrative