Geeky Golf Questionnaire

People have been trying out my Geeky Golf game, as this is a working prototype it was good to see this being tested out.

Afterwards I will ask if a questionnaire wants to be filled out. I have already had 3 willing participants who answer Yes or No depending on their opinion.

Once all of this data is collected, I will put this into an Excel spreadsheet and analyse the results carefully.


End of Year Show Thoughts

The class spent from Tuesday 25 April 2017 to Tuesday 3 May 2017 setting up for the BA Digital Arts end of year show known as 17.exe.

It was a long process, my duties throughout setting up were carrying plinths into the main area, painting my workspace, scrubbing the floors and using a hoover to clear up any mess.

We had a rehearsal at 2:30pm on the 3 May to prepare ourselves for the main event in the evening. I briefly described my Double Project to an audience, it was slightly nerve wracking but felt pleased afterwards. Overall I felt that the evening went well.

Name Change

After printing out some posters, I decided to change the wording ‘Gary the Geeky Golfer’ to ‘Geeky Golf’ as it would definitely fit on an A3 sheet of paper and has a catchy name. This also applies to the name of a website I have created dedicated to my Double Project.

Gary the Geeky Golfer
Geeky Golf



Putting Flappia on Bags

Next I wanted to test out the same method of the logo by putting an image of the Flappia onto some bags that we ordered.

Before printing out, I had to make sure that the text was mirrored along with Al Coopone, Don Pigieone and Joe Pecksi. This was edited and printed out on some more Transfer Paper.


Here was the end result. I feel that this has been successful and has taught me about how I could make such merchandise in the future.

Putting Logo onto T Shirts

I managed to get the logo from the transfer paper ironed onto some T Shirts with some assistance from family. The overall result I feel was successful, although I was surprised  at how the process was done as this is the first time I’ve ever dealt with a method of T Shirt printing.

The shirts we ironed on the logo consisted of different colours.


Grey T Shirt try on for males.


Blue T Shirt try on for males.


Pink T Shirt try on for females.



Putting Logo onto Transfer Paper

I spent this morning setting up an already made logo which will be used to put onto Transfer Paper. Merrian-Webster defines the term as ‘a paper coated with a special preparation for transferring a design or imprint to another surface by heat, pressure, or moisture.’

Transfer Paper Logo

In Adobe Illustrator, I flipped the original logo over by going to Object > Transform > Reflect which reflected it 90 degrees. Before putting this onto transfer paper, we printed out on normal A4 paper for a trial run.

After some adjustments to make sure the logo wasn’t cut off during printing, the transfer paper printing begin and it turned out okay, taking only a matter of seconds to complete.


Here is how the logos looked printed on Transfer Paper.