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Here are screenshots of 4 different people from my class, after successfully signing up to, each has contributed content in a different way.

I like the fact each entry has its own time and date stamp, showing when the website was last accessed by each particular user.

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Here are the list of plugins that I have used throughout my website design. Each plugin has its own benefits and functions differently to achieve what I want. Some of the plugins did not work or were not what I was hoping for.

One thing I learnt is that deactivating the Limit Login Attempts is extremely helpful, as users would get locked out for a sustained period of time, after 3 unsuccessful log ins. Update

After analysing the homepage of my website, I got some advice from a friend that some of the text was slightly misleading.

Homepage Before

Homepage Before

Homepage After


The following changes that I edited were replacing text in the red and blue buttons, Steve Portfolio originally led to a previously made website (Birds of the, so changed it to Birds of the UK, while photo gallery didn’t actually lead to an official gallery but a listing, so this was rectified.

Underneath ‘Welcome to’ seeing as I had made both custom built websites, I wanted to promote my Birds of the UK website to wider audiences.

Lesson 13 January 6 2016

We showed our websites and described about how people would be able to access the site and what content to put on. For example, mine is about sharing bird photos to the public, each has to be specific though (for example if a person took a picture of a Parakeet in Australia, it would be under the continent Oceania). Next week, the class will go through each person’s site for evidence going into the second assignment. Update

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 16.31.13

Here is a rough screenshot of my gallery page, the main premise of the website. I have been trying to fix the proportions of the table, in Dreamweaver the table was fine but WordPress has a different layout. I must also name the continents, as people will be confused and not know which is which.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 16.33.14

On the top left of my website is the logo, it appears on every page. Clicking anywhere on the image takes you back to the homepage no matter where on the website a user is.