A3 Booklet Side

A3 Booklet

For Pixel Based Imagery assignment 2, our task was to create an A3 Booklet/Poster using Adobe Photoshop. This is the booklet side which shows the work detailed. I decided to do films which I have seen and make my own versions of them using a quote and editing imagery, ie Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, I gave the picture of his character a grey appearance to give it a robotic perspective. On Photoshop you can rotate the canvas either 90 degrees twice or 180 degrees to flip onto the other side of the page.

A3 Poster Task 25 November 2014

A3 Poster Reedited
This is my second attempt at the A3 poster, I felt the previous poster was focusing too much on making the text more meaningful than the actual image itself. So I went to Google Images and found a much more appealing background, this time I implemented the ‘Type Mask Tool’ when typing out on the red sky for example the text would match the colour. Type Mask Tool
Adding the mask tool to the layer would come up with the text appearing in a white colour.

A3 Poster Task 18 November 2014

After being shown the type mask tool in Photoshop. We were given a task to do which is currently ongoing. Creating an A3 poster of a Digital Art Exhibition.

A3 Poster

This is my poster that I have currently created, there will most likely be changes. I wanted to match the Audio Visual Experimental text to match the Estonia flag of Black, White and Blue. The ice background represents the cold climate of the Baltic states where the country is situated.