Gallery Space (3 May 2017)


Here is how my space looked. I feel that the items are spaced out adequately. The use of colour is effective and draws people’s attentions to the stands.


Professional Creative Practice 21 February 2017

Today we learnt about the term ‘Self Employment’ and how it has its good and bad sides.

Self Employment is when you work for yourself, being your own boss can be great but this means that every tax year you must fill out company accounts by yourself for HMRC, whereas your employer sorts out such paperwork.

Here is a quote from Paul Tambling that were told about:

“Unfortunately the jobs that everyone is looking for aren’t there… They’ll need to be made.”

This quote describes that people may have a dream job in mind but will have to make an effort to create one themselves instead of relying on the job market.


Professional Creative Practice 14 February 2017

Today we learnt about the term ‘Portfolio Career’. The meaning can be doing several paid activities at the same time.

This can come with its good and bad sides. For instance a good point being that you can gain different types of knowledge depending on the job you do. A bad point can be different work hours that could put a strain on relationships with clients and family.

Professional Creative Practice 7 February 2017

Today we learnt about the ‘Creative Industries’ in employment terms. These include sectors such as Art and Design, Crafts, Economics and IT and Software.

I found the lecture to be really interesting as this is a topic that I am not familiar with and hopefully gain some knowledge to take into the world of work.

We also learnt the difference between GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and GVA (Gross Value Added) and how that is used in today’s world.