Special Effects 7 April 2017

Part of our Special Effects module requires us to do a presentation on a film director.

I had picked two potential directors that I could potentially focus on:

James Cameron

Canadian film director, he directed films such as:

‘The Terminator’ (1984)

‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ (1991)

Titanic (1997)

Robert Zemeckis

American film director, he directed films such as:

‘Back to the Future’ (1984)

‘Back to the Future 2’ (1989)

‘Forrest Gump’ (1994)


Fog Effect

I found a useful video tutorial online about putting a Mist/Fog effect into a movie. The video consisted of creating 2 shape layers, adding a Turbulent Noise and masking to make a fog like background.


Here is my version of a fog effect. It looks pretty basic, I had considered confining the fog inside the walls but it would not seem natural. So it was best to leave the fog as it is. Having a figure just standing adds an eerie and sinister feeling.

Special Effects 24 March 2017

We went back to Kingston for reshooting of all the scenes. Thea managed to collect a much improved camera, despite the fact we only had 5 minutes worth of filming available. We managed to achieve our goals.

Both Khushboo and Steven reprised their roles as the girl and ‘mutated man’ respectively. After filming was complete, we headed back to class and uploaded each video onto After Effects.

Special Effects 17 March 2017

Our group began filming our special effects piece. Steven dressed up in dark clothing to match the character, while Khushboo wore some shoes that would make noise when walking.

Despite it being breezy outside, filming conditions were okay. So we went into Kingston Town Centre and focused our efforts mainly in an alleyway setting. Even though people were passing by, halting progress, I feel as if our day was a success.

Special Effects 10 March 2017

We had to present our intended Special Effects shot to the class. Thea, Khushboo and I took selected slides to discuss about.

Steven: Introduction, Plot and Roles, Under Exposure, Introduce Animatic
Thea: Camera Shots, Visual Effects, Audio
Khushboo: Storyboard, Silhouette and Fog

Overall I feel that the presentation went well, our group knew what to do and practising beforehand certainly helped. The presentation was exactly 10 minutes, which was perfect!

Special Effects 3 March 2017

We joined up with our groups. A Powerpoint document has been set up and edited by all of us ahead of our presentation to the class the following week.

Our short piece is titled ‘Anomaly’ with a slide dedicated to the plot, storyboard, lighting and a preview. I feel that the group has gone smoothly so far.

Although presenting in front of people gets me nervous no matter how times it is done!

Special Effects 24 February 2017

Today Thea and I were working on our SFX assignment 1, we discussed about potential shots that could be used for filming. These included:

‘Establishing Shot’
Sets the scene, typically an aerial view of a town/city and commonly found in the introduction to a show.

Example:  The Shining

‘Over the Shoulder Shot’
Commonly seen when 2 characters interact, a shot is filmed over one’s shoulder hence the name.

Example: Coronation Street and EastEnders

‘Mid Shot’
The camera focuses on the character, from the torso upwards.

Example: Pulp Fiction

‘Extreme Close up’
Used for dramatic effect such as a reaction, only the face is shown.

Example: The Lion King

‘Point of View’
The camera is positioned as if the world is viewed from the character’s perspective.

Example: The Terminator