Video Production 30 April 2015

Our group gained access to a green screen room, a useful resource for shooting videos. We decided to film more than 1 take of each scene that was proposed, which we could compare and choose. Next week we will continue with our project, if things go well we could start editing almost immediately.


Video Production 23 April 2015

The second assignment of Video Production is to create a 1 minute title sequence that must involve a series of camera angles. We got into our groups and formulated an idea, after serious discussion we have decided to do a crime based topic. We drew up a list of potential filming locations such as the college and London.

Video Production 5 March 2015

Our group continued on from last week’s filming, this time we filmed some scenes outside the college gate and at the Sainsburys just across the road (as the weather was better than the previous week).

I elected to be the narrator, as a huge chunk of our movie includes a voiceover. After calling it a day for filming, our group’s intentions are to film on the 65 bus and off to Richmond Park as the following transport stops by a gate to the park near the Dysart Arms pub.

Video Production 26 February 2015

Our objective in Assignment 1 is to create a 3 minute video that involves a variety of camera shots and involve a form of public transport.


My video group had originally planned to film in London, we realised this was not plausible due to the potential of having to travel numerous times in order to get our shots. Instead we found that filming around Kingston was a suitable alternative, as this is our place of study and better for space. After an in-depth discussion, we came up with a working title ‘yelnats Parable’ and a plot summary. We started to film our first scenes, inside the college. Unfortunately due to a day of heavy rain, outside work had to be adjourned.